Monday, June 23, 2008

Manchester United 2008 Champions League Final Jersey

This is the jersey which is used just for the Champions League Final 2008 in Moscow.

As you can see, this jersey is the exact same one they used for the normal season home jersey, with a couple of differences. The most notable one is the special embroidery between the club crest and jersey sponsor, which reads "FINAL MOSCOW 2008 21ST MAY-LUZHNIKI STADIUM".

And instead of the 2 league badges, the Starball is used, placed on the right sleeve of the wearer. This starball is also special, because a normal Champions League is only a ball with white background, but if you look closely on this one, there are smaller starballs inside the big ball. This is a special starball made just for the Champions League Final.

And as usual, a pic of our hero in this one-off jersey:

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rt1932 said...

Very nice! What size is the jersey in the picture?