Friday, July 4, 2008

Manchester United 2007-2008 Away Jersey

This kit is only used for one season, so this is a very rare kit, even though its still being used very recently!

Unlike the home kit for the most recent season which is plain red, this black jersey have red seam running down from the collar to the armpit on both side.

Other than that, it has the same features as the home ones. For example, the "The Red Devils" patch and the "NikeFit" embroidery at the bottom of the jersey.

At the back ,the same line with the devil silhouetteat the top and MUCF at the bottom can also bee seen, with the only difference is the colour combination.

Inside the jersey, you can also se the devil's silhouette op top of the shirt's size label.

Here's a picture of Rooney in this kit:

Manchester United 2006-2007 Away Jersey

This jersey is the 2006-2007 jersey, and is also the 2007-2008 third jersey, especially for European cup matches.

Just like the 2006-2007 home kit , the away kit is also designed to look retro. The club crest is also located inside a shield.

As for the sponsor, the word "AIG" and the box is outlined with gold colour.

The sleeve and collar part is also coloured gold for the retro look.

At the back of the jersey is the nameset RONALDO 7.

As all Premier League clubs have to use the league's style of lettering and numbers, the number 7 has the old EPL logo, which is only changed for the 2007-2008 season onwards.

Just like the hom kit too, this jersey is the NIKE SPHERE DRY version of Nike's jersey.

Here's a picture of Ronaldo in this kit:

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Manchester United 1993-1994 Home Jersey

This is another vintage jersey i have, the home shirt for the 1993-1994 season. This jersey is used during only the second season of English Premier League.

As usual for old Umbro Man Utd kits, the club crest is located inside a shield.

One unique thing about this jersey is that you can see the watermark of the Man Utd stadium, Old Trafford, on the jersey itself.

On the back of the jersey are also the watermark of the stadium.

And here's a pic of Roy Keane in this jersey:

Manchester United 2006-2007 Home Jersey

This is the jersey Manchester United used for only one season, which is also the first season Manchester United was under the sponsorship of AIG.

The club crest is put inside a white shield just like in the past, something that Man Utd had not done in a long time.

The collar and end of sleeve are white in colour on the outside and gold colour on the inside.

There are gold seams running down the jersey, plus the white collar and sleeve giving it a very retro look.

The initials "MUFC" can be seen at the bottom left of the wearer, while at the back bottom part, is the "NIKE SPHERE DRY" patch, indicating the type of fabric and design by Nike.

This is the jersey Manchester United finally win the league title after failing for the previous 3 years. Here's Ronaldo in action using the long sleeve version of the jersey:

Manchester United 1992-1993 Away Jersey

This is arguably one of Manchester United's most decorative jersey.

As you can see, the whole jersey is blue in colour, patterned with tigerskin-like lines. On the left side of the wearer, there is a large Manchester United crest printed in the same style too.

Unfortunately i cannot find any picture of the players in action using this kit, the only one i can find is this one:

If you do spot one, do tell me and i will edit this post!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Manchester United 1998-2000 Third Jersey

This is the third kit Manchester United used for the 1998-1999 and 1999-2000 season.

Nothing much about this jersey, this is about all you can see. The one thing extra is that the word "UMBRO" is at the bottom back of the jersey.

Here's Becks in the long sleeve version of this jersey: