Sunday, June 15, 2008

Manchester United 1997-1999 Away Jersey

Someone said i posted a lot of Vodafone shirts, so here's something not Vodafone. This is the Manchester United 1997-1999 away jersey.

This jersey is probably already 10 years old, but it is still in mint condition. One special thing about this jersey is the sponsor wordings, SHARP VIEWCAM, unlike its home jersey for the same season which only uses the word SHARP. Besides that, the words can reflect light. Here's a pic of it without flash:

Here's a pic of it with flash:

The crest is inside a shield, and this is the older version of the Manchester United crest:

Another Vapa Tech product from Umbro, which can be seen behind the jersey right under the collar:

This jersey is famously worn by Manchester United vs Arsenal in the replay of FA Cup Semi-final, where Ryan Giggs intercept a pass, dribble pass 5 defenders before scoring a bullet past the goalie. He then took off his shirt and twirl it over his head, showing his sexy hairy chest:

This goal gets Manchester United to the Final, win it, and also a part of the 1999 treble winner!

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