Monday, June 16, 2008

Manchester United 1995-1996 Away Jersey

This is the famous grey kit which was changed during half time in a game against Southampton. Reason: difficult to see player in this kit, plus bad performance. When United were using this kit, their results are 1 Win, 1 Draw and 1 Lose.

Sponsored by SHARP, this is the second "SHARP VIEWCAM" away jersey for Manchester United (note: MU's home jersey never used "VIEWCAM")

The club crest is situated inside a black shield.

At the back of the jersey, there is a number 16 on it without the player name, which is supposed to be "KEANE". I've already make an order for the nameset, so i can iron it on the top of the number.

Here's an United player in action using this voodoo kit:

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