Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Barcelona 2007-2008 Home Jersey

For your info, this is my first non Manchester United jersey. The reason i get it is because it is offered at a very cheap price from an online store, and also i believe that this jersey looks very classy and nice. Ok, i will continue on with my review.

Around the club crest there is an embroidery which shows "CAMP NOU" and "1957-2007", referring to their 50th anniversary using their stadium Camp Nou.

Instead of companies sponsoring the team and the team put the sponsor's logo on the shirt, Barcelona actually gave US$1.9 million per year to UNICEF and putting the logo there as a charity act.

The customary NikeFIT on recent Nike jerseys are there on the right side of the wearer.

On the other side, there's another patch also commemorating the 50th anniversary at CAMP NOU.

At the back of the shirt are the "HENRY 14" nameset.

Unlike English Premier League teams who have to use the name and number font set by the Football Association, Spanish League teams can choose their own font. Thus you can see the Barcelona crest at the bottom of the number.

Near the sleeve, there's a Catalonia flag, as Catalonia people are proud of their Catalan traditions and tend to disassociate themselves with Spain itself.

On the inside of the collar, there's the Barca motto reading "Més que un club ", which means "more than a club" in Spanish. This phrase can be seen at the Camp Nou seats too.

On the right sleeve there's the La Liga Patch, LFP stands for "Liga de Futbol Profesional".

And here's a picture of Barcelona playing against Manchester United at Camp Nou for the semi final match for UCL, which ended in a 0-0 draw, MU winning the second leg at Old Trafford, and booking them to the final, and finally winning the European Champions League:

Monday, June 23, 2008

Manchester United 2008 Champions League Final Jersey

This is the jersey which is used just for the Champions League Final 2008 in Moscow.

As you can see, this jersey is the exact same one they used for the normal season home jersey, with a couple of differences. The most notable one is the special embroidery between the club crest and jersey sponsor, which reads "FINAL MOSCOW 2008 21ST MAY-LUZHNIKI STADIUM".

And instead of the 2 league badges, the Starball is used, placed on the right sleeve of the wearer. This starball is also special, because a normal Champions League is only a ball with white background, but if you look closely on this one, there are smaller starballs inside the big ball. This is a special starball made just for the Champions League Final.

And as usual, a pic of our hero in this one-off jersey:

Manchester United 2007-2009 Home Jersey

This is the current home kit for Manchester United.

This is the second season Manchester United is sponsored by the American insurance company, AIG.

At the bottom front of the jersey, there's a patch that reads "The Red Devils" with the crest devil silhouette on the background on the left side of the wearer, while the normal Nike's NikeFit jerseys are embroided at the right side of wearer.

There is a stripe running through the top and bottom part of the back of the shirt. The top stripe have the devil's silhouette, while the bottom one have the word "MUFC" on it. A black line runs through the middle of the stripe.

For the coming 2008-2009 season, Manchester United will hold the right to wear the gold coloured league badge as they are the current champions. Other clubs will wear white coloured badges on the sleeves.

Here's a pic of Man Utd's Asian star Park Ji Sung in action:

Manchester United 1999-2000 Away Jersey

This dark blue shirt with white horizontal stripes are used as the away kit for the 1999-2000 season.

This shirt comes with nameset "KEANE 16", the former captain of Manchester United.

This is also the only season Manchester United added the word "digital" to their sponsor.

The nameset used must follow the EPL's regulation on font and sizes, and also there's an EPL logo at the bottom of each number.

Last but not least, United players in this kit, with Mr. Keane himself on the left:

Manchester United 1999 Limited Edition European Champions League Winners Commemorative Jersey

This jersey is the jersey theteam wore for the season 1999-2000 for Champions League, after the victory over Bayern Munich in 1999 to win the European Champions League, thus completing the treble.

On top of the UMBRO sponsor, there's an embroidery which reads "UEFA CHAMPION LEAGUE WINNERS 1999". The one players wear during the match reads "CAMP NOU CHAMPIONS LEAGUE THE FINAL 1999".

There's also 2 stars above the club crest, signifying winning the Champions League 2 times. THe one players wear during the night only have 1 star, which represents the one time they've won it in 1968. the shield where the club crest is in is made of special material which can reflects light. Here's a pic of it without flash:

And here's a pic of it with flash:

There are also watermarks on the jersey, of the UEFA Champions League ball, which we called the Starball.

The "Only Football" tag at the bottom of the jersey is also refecting light.

And i end this post with a picture of our champions in that kit:

Monday, June 16, 2008

Manchester United 1998-2000 Home Jersey

This is another jersey from the SHARP era.

This jersey comes with a zip, which is rare in jerseys.

Besides that, there's also a line of Umbro logos running down from the collar to the sleeve on the back part of the shoulder area.

And lastly, a picture of our United heroes in this kit:

Manchester United 2003-2005 Away Jersey

This is the black jersey Manchester United used as the away kit for season 2004/2004 and 2004/2005.

This kit is the first black kit since year 1995, but disappointingly it's pretty plain.

Here's a pic of Ronaldo in this kit:

Manchester United 2004-2006 Home Jersey

This is a quite recent jersey of Manchester United, last used by Manchester United in 2006.

Nothing special about this jersey too, except the unsemetrical jersey pattern. Means the left hand side of the jersey would not look the same as the right hand side. Besides that, the logo is also in the middle, emulating the classic 1985 Manchester United home jersey.

Here's a picture of both the long sleeve and short sleeve version of this jersey on pitch:

Manchester United 1995-1996 Away Jersey

This is the famous grey kit which was changed during half time in a game against Southampton. Reason: difficult to see player in this kit, plus bad performance. When United were using this kit, their results are 1 Win, 1 Draw and 1 Lose.

Sponsored by SHARP, this is the second "SHARP VIEWCAM" away jersey for Manchester United (note: MU's home jersey never used "VIEWCAM")

The club crest is situated inside a black shield.

At the back of the jersey, there is a number 16 on it without the player name, which is supposed to be "KEANE". I've already make an order for the nameset, so i can iron it on the top of the number.

Here's an United player in action using this voodoo kit:

Manchester United 1996-1998 Home Jersey

This is another vintage jersey thay i got, which is used as the home kit during the 1996/1997 and 1997/1998 season.

Again, this jersey is still in the era when the Manchester United badge is still the older one.

at the bottom of the shirt at the right side of the wearer, there's a logo showing that it is an official product, with the Vapa Tech product.

The word "THEATRE OF DREAMS" is located at the middle bottom of the shirt.

There are watermarks of the Manchester United logo with the word "OLD TRAFFORD" on both sides of the shirt.

This jersey is another version of the Umbro jerseys with button.

The sleeves of this jersey are checkered, with tones darker than the body part of the shirt.

Here's a photo of 2 Manchester United's ex no7 in the kit: