Monday, June 23, 2008

Manchester United 1999 Limited Edition European Champions League Winners Commemorative Jersey

This jersey is the jersey theteam wore for the season 1999-2000 for Champions League, after the victory over Bayern Munich in 1999 to win the European Champions League, thus completing the treble.

On top of the UMBRO sponsor, there's an embroidery which reads "UEFA CHAMPION LEAGUE WINNERS 1999". The one players wear during the match reads "CAMP NOU CHAMPIONS LEAGUE THE FINAL 1999".

There's also 2 stars above the club crest, signifying winning the Champions League 2 times. THe one players wear during the night only have 1 star, which represents the one time they've won it in 1968. the shield where the club crest is in is made of special material which can reflects light. Here's a pic of it without flash:

And here's a pic of it with flash:

There are also watermarks on the jersey, of the UEFA Champions League ball, which we called the Starball.

The "Only Football" tag at the bottom of the jersey is also refecting light.

And i end this post with a picture of our champions in that kit:

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