Friday, July 4, 2008

Manchester United 2006-2007 Away Jersey

This jersey is the 2006-2007 jersey, and is also the 2007-2008 third jersey, especially for European cup matches.

Just like the 2006-2007 home kit , the away kit is also designed to look retro. The club crest is also located inside a shield.

As for the sponsor, the word "AIG" and the box is outlined with gold colour.

The sleeve and collar part is also coloured gold for the retro look.

At the back of the jersey is the nameset RONALDO 7.

As all Premier League clubs have to use the league's style of lettering and numbers, the number 7 has the old EPL logo, which is only changed for the 2007-2008 season onwards.

Just like the hom kit too, this jersey is the NIKE SPHERE DRY version of Nike's jersey.

Here's a picture of Ronaldo in this kit:

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